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It Takes A Village ...

It takes a village to raise a child… and so my story begins.

On a very hot, humid day in August at approximately 6:36 am, on the 10th, I, Jessica Lynn, entered the world to teen parents and partiers, Jeff Maltbey and Lork Kerk.The first part of my journey started in Appleton, WI , for a brief 6 months we attempted to be a family of 3, and then quickly moved to the village of Little Chute, where my family left one but grew by many.

The best way to describe my journey in life is to tell you about the tribes I belonged to and what I learned while embracing each of them.

Mustang: K-12

It was here in the village of Little Chute at the High School that I met the Mighty Mustangs where I began to grow my passion for education and realized I could roam wild and free. So it was no wonder school was so good for me as it was always a consistent, inspiring, and welcoming place to be. My Little Chute Ladies and Loyal Aunt Les sure did show me the way. Mr. BVG and Wisconsin Association for Student Council, WASC who opened me up to being the leader I am today. As the saying goes, the truly educated never graduate so on I went with my School Counselor, Ms. Schnell, as my guide who signed me up for my next tribe; the Carroll College Pioneers

Pioneer: Bachelors Degree-

This tribe was extremely fitting as the definition of a Pioneer is one who goes into unexplored territory in search of a new life. Since I was the first in my family to go onto college this is just what I did. I explored not only the local student life, but international, and island life too. I swam with fish in the great barrier reef, I bungee jumped in my birthday suit in the New Zealand, and last but not least I sang and danced in Fiji. I was a traveler. “I travel not to escape life, but so that life doesn’t escape me.” So on I went willingly to find my fellow travelers and landed among the gypsies.

Gypsy:Transitional Years-

Since I was always in need of change and adventure, and always seeking the next best thing, yet not always decisive of what life would bring I sure couldn’t settle into the tribe of 9-5. So I wandered the lands to bind a better way to spend my day: Backpacking Europe, waitressing in Hawaii, matchmaking in Milwaukee, and Personal Training in Chicago were a few check marks on my list; yet it was Appleton, WI that I missed. - So back I went.

Only to discover school and structure is what would get me through when I found myself having the blues and unsure of what I wanted to do. This time I signed myself up for the next tribe- I would be a Titan so I could develop my strengths and abilities to share with many.

Titan:Head Start & Grad School:

I took all that I learned while being away and put it together so I would no longer be in dismay. I went back to my 9-5 finally feeling alive because I now knew what I wanted to do; Help people get unstuck so they too can discover and embrace all of their possibilities. During the days I was a family support specialist and during the nights I was a counseling grad student dreaming of my own possibilities.

I made sure travel still found its way into my day, by enlisting in a few overnight stays; Bali, Cambodia, India, & Peru were a few villages I visited, aligning me even more with what it was I was meant to do: Serve the community with my new found faith and knowledge, which is why I chose to work for the St. Mary’s Springs


4. Ledger:Professional World- Faith, Community, & Knowledge

It was time to give back so on I went to Fond Du Lac to be a School Counselor for K-8. All while finally moving in with my mate.

To ensure I was still having fun, a group of gals and I travelled the Road to the Sun! Before I was about to marry the one!

5. And as I stand here with my newest tribe, PHS I want to say THANK YOU for all of your finesse. You simply are the best. I started out a red badger, then I met all you blue; who began to give me a clue about a thing or two; like fashion from the one and only Passion, How to keep a room straighten from Meghan, Kelli gave me tips on how to delegate to my mate, While Carolyn showed me how to just get it done! And last but not least; Why you must never beg, from peg: instead make him crawl and give him a blue ball! So because I started as red, and you are blue, I’m now PURPLE because you had my heart right from the start! Thank YOU for being you and all that you do. I sure love living life with all of you.

So, here I am in my OFFICIAL family tribe; J & A Adventures.

6.J & A Adventures

Living by Faith & Loving the life we live. Taking all that our fellow tribes have taught us we have now set out into the world as “One” knowing that our villages did what needed to be done. Traveling Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling is what leads us by day, but we know God is always the one with the final say. Because he knows we like to roam he blessed us with with one another so that we can always feel at home.

7. On to our latest adventure, Parenting, we know that we will be ready because of all of your love, support, and offerings. Please know that all of You have raised us well and you have raised us right giving us a heart full of might! Thank You for being you and for all that you continue to do!So will you raise your glass and give cheers to Baby Stickel because he is finally here.

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