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Life Is All About Appreciation & Participation

Have you ever wondered if you are doing enough or living your life to the fullest? What I have come to understand is that this validation we seek is something that must come from within. Yes, you and God, will really know if you are doing enough or doing too much; because when you really listen to yourself, you know your own limits and desires. While on one of our excursions Andy and I were climbing a sand dune in time for the sun to set and in true Jessy fashion I wanted to reach the top where as in true Andy fashion he was very content with getting to the middle and relaxing. Now I became a bit frustrated because I assumed that this is where the best spot was and we had to travel to it together. But, I decided regardless of what Andy chose to do I was going to go on ahead; because the top had to be the best. However, once I got up there what I soon became aware of was that there were many "levels" that people were enjoying the sunset from. I saw people right on the beach watching it, I saw people driving in their cars taking pictures, and I saw people lying right in the middle of the sand dune truly enjoying their view. In life there are so many ways to get involved and people live at all levels. I must run my own race. Julie Perez states that comparison steals joy. What is right for me may not be right for all and vice versa. So with that I must trust the voice that tells me to keep going if it is there. Interestingly enough as I sat at the top taking it all in I soon felt a nudge and there beside me was Andy getting a glimpse from above as well. When we pay attention to what we need, it gives others permission to do the same; and heck may even inspire them a bit to try something new! :) If I want to get the most out of any moment then I have to get involved in it. If I want to feel true joy I must appreciate where I am, what I am doing, and recognize that life needs to be embraced from all levels. And if you feel that little voice telling you to go farther, you just may want to check out what it’s calling you toward!

As always thank you for being you and thanks for reading!

Today I ask you...

What do you want to start participating in?

What is something that you can begin to appreciate and see value in?

Jessica Stickel

Explore, Discover; Become! Your Best Self


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